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taking the car for a run,645 kilometers so far. it felt like it was surging slightly the whole way. then i had to back up on the hwy for a ways and it was very pronounce.otherwise its been running good. does anyone have ideas why this is happening?
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what is the EHA, pardon my ignorance. & ya it could be a hose as I was servicing / cleaning things before the trip, ha ha cant leave well enough alone. Thanks for the reply
thanks guys, im able to look at it today..
well I'm back from my 1200 mile run. car liked it for the most part but still has the surging, high idle, running rough on start, & hard shifting to drive & reverse ( which i believe to be due to rpm at 10.000 ) But could also be due too vac line to transmission! Have my work cut out for me, & believe a fuel filter should be first. car averaged .25/mile. always use premium which is 91 octane, but run into a husky that stated premium was 94 octane.
Id have trouble getting one here, but I will do what you say & see. is there a picture of what it looks like or is it the only relay in the floor?
well this is what i found, not sure what I'm looking at or for. the one with the high low dial? if not it what does it do? or the one that is higher up. well after all this it only loaded 1 pic & its upside down, maybe it is good enough for our purpose. if not i can give it another shot tomorrow.


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1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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