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Cold it would surge at low idle 550 - 700 rpm. Once your on the gas it ran fine. Warm it got better. A benzworld member posted injector seals as a repair ( O rings sort of ) about 8 bucks for 12 . You need a long 6 mm Allen 6 inches on a 1/4" drive socket, 3/8 drive works on some set screws / 5 mm to remove the dip stick tube. Test your car with a squirt of carb. cleaner at an injector base,at idle ( remove wiring cover next to head ) . If it increase slightly that's the leaker.

unsnap the fuel rail from the injectors ( clips), clean around the bore of the injector with air or spray cleaner. Remove the seal by cutting them carefully as the plastic collar is easy to break.

Now It starts at 1000 drops to 700 out of gear warm. Idles 550 -700 depending on temp. 94 E 320 wagon 3.2
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