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A couple of days ago, i change a battery whilst the the engine on my 310d sprinter 1998 was running.. (( (wish i hadn't)

Since then i've had the glow plug light constantly on & the van will not start..
I checked all fuses (one blown), check to see if the glow plug relay in getting power to the main 6 lead plug.. yes' now it seems like there is no power going to the shut off solinoid on the injection system.
I've put easy start down the air intake & it starts.

There's a little relay in the fuse box under the drives seat with 5 spade male connectors (2 bigger than the other 3) & when i take that out the glow light on the dash goes out.
From this point i'm not too sure what to do next??
can anyone help please? :bowdown:
many thanks HP
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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