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Supercharging and reliability...

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How does supercharging a 560 SEC (or any car, for that matter) affect the daily driveability of a car? Will the trips to the mechanic be more frequent than a non supercharged car? I understand that with the high RPMs there will be more wear and tear on the engine, but if you maintain driving habits (and crush the occasional civic, mitsubishi, or mustang), will repairs grow more and more frequent? What about fuel economy?
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Well, I beleive as long as you don't run the car lean you shouldn't have to worry much about breaking an M117. Everything is forged, the bottom end is one of the most overbuilt in production existance etc.. It takes fuel to make power so, yes to keep the A/F ratio in order you will need to inject more, thus lowering economy. I would think items such as flex discs and diff mounts would take a bit more abuse, but they're rather expendable reasonably easy to replace.

Anywho, I think SC'ing is a Great way to get the power we want from these motors..! One item of note, I see that you have a Euro 10-1 motor.. Not as ideal for forced induction as a US 9-1 motor would be (manifold systems aside..)

So then is it worth going the route of Mr. Tummalah and switching out the engine from an SL500 that can easily be supercharged? I know it is a great deal of work, but if it will work better than with the 10:1 Euro engine...
the supercharged SLK has been around since 1997. there may be some high mileage ones on the SLK forum, check there.

the AMG55 engine which is used in the C55, E55, CLK55, SLK55, SL55, S55 and G55 won engine of the year last year. Mercedes is obviously very confident in supercharging.

my 99 SLK was a thrill to drive. instant power, no turbo lag and a beautiful whine.
hmmm - why not drop a 55AMG engine in the SEC?[8D]
Price :)

But no, I would love to do that, but that takes all of the fun out of adding your own supercharger, etc. I'm thinking about following Mr. Tummala's 'experiment' in the future, I want it fast fast fast!

This is not for the short term, I'm thinking for several years down the road when I have enough time, tools, space, and money to go through that.
If only I had an American SEC...
i would go for the supercharger...

gonna get more hp from that then 320 ...
my favorite engine is the v12! if i did a major engine swap, i would go for it. i don't think 119 engine has a large enough power difference to be worth the trouble.

earlier (m104?) V12 might just be easier than an 55 engine swap since there are fewer electronics.
Heh, V-12...Actually, that doesn't sound so bad. I'll wait to see if that can be feasible...I think you're referring to the V-12s from the S600s from the early 90's? (W140?)
Would it even fit in our 'tiny' 560's? I'd love to have a V-12...and then supercharge that...but alas, I am not made of money [:)][:)][:)]

Anyways, if it IS possible, it would be wonderful to get together or something (after finding two V-12s) and doing an engine swap on our cars.

This is starting to get interesting...
A supercharged US 560 engine can be a whole bunch of fun!!!!
But can a Supercharged Euro 560 be fun? :)
BTW, I noticed you are in Florida, whereabouts are you? I used to live in Panama City, now I live in longwood (just north of Orlando)

All this V-12 talk has made me rather curious...I just need a nice wrecked S600...hehe

How much do W140 V-12s run in longblock configuration?
A Euro would be even more fun! You are starting with an extra 50 to 60 hp over the US model. I'm in Pensacola.
i have a question for Supercharged mercedes :
do you have an original brake or you change because you get more power with your supercharged , If yes what is the brake systeme you put on your car?
Yes, but with the higher compression ratio...wouldn't it be more difficult?

I'd love to get more power from that 5.6 V-8...isn't there a local group 'gulf coast coupes' that brings in people from around the state? Does anyone have any info on that?
Stock brakes work just fine. Larger brakes will not save you if you are driving like an idiot. I don't autocross the car so larger brakes are not needed. I couldn't imagine trying to run an SEC on the track. It would take so much work for the SEC to handle great but the supercharged motor is damn fun on the interstate or from a dead stop in a straight line.

There are many central Florida Gulf Coast people that meet around once or twice a year. The problem is that the central Gulf Coast area is aound 7 or more hours away from me.

The higher compression would not be an issue at 5 or so PSI with the proper fueling and a methanol/water injection or an intercooler to cool the intake charge and prevent preignition. Some people call it detonation but it is actually preignition that you need to be weary of in a high compression motor. Your hp would just benefit that much more since you are starting at a much higher hp level than the US sec. A Euro SEC running the kind of boost that I'm running would be insane.
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