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Hi All, I don't need to go on & on about what a timelessly classic body the w208 is, nor do I need to over emphasize the fantastically low mileage & condition of my car ;) However here are some notable pieces of information for anyone considering making a move:

I'm the second owner of this car. I purchased this car from a 78 & 79year old husband & wife couple, this was the wife's grocery getter, I purchased it in April 2009 it had 22k on it. It was purchased stock, needless to say. Btw, this is the last year of this classic body style.

I've added/performed the following:

HPS SUPERCHARGER :eclipsee_steering: :thumbsup: $4500 + $1500 Labor
H&R SPRINGS w/ BILSTEIN STRUTS: $500 + $350 labor
Body shop Deleted US front sidemarkers for clean euro impact-strip look $250
Body Shop "rolled" front fenders a tad so NO rubbing $300
GHOSTRIDER Rear Camber Kit $220 + Install
OEM Wood shift knob. $50
OEM Xenon headlights (car came w/halogens) $450 + install labor
TOTAL: $ 10,020.00 -- from what I recall..may be other things.. OH, had a rim or 2 reconditioned..(currently some minor lip discolorations or tiny curb rash, very minor)

Replaced 2 convertible top "shocks"- $400
Replaced window seals & gaskets - $259.75
Replaced Fuel filter $39.11
Steering Damper $27.20
Engine mounts $153.74
Brake Jobs $378 each
TOTAL: $1,635.80
++ Plus more, have all receipts for parts & work.....

CAR DETAILS: I did all of the homework myself on S/C's prior to buying/installing, at the end of the day going with HPS (who had 10yrs of experience w/ M113 s/c's and who's unit was a "bolt on" requiring no ecu mods or cooling) seemed to be the safest, maintenance free choice, and since 2011 when it was installed I've had ZERO issues, but LOTS of FUN! ;) ..I came from a 05' E55, and my butt dyno has not been disappointed by this drop-top, low maintenance (no ABC, air suspension, etc) speed demon.

I have 48k currently, the car runs & drives lovely. I drive avg about 10miles per day m-f and not much on the weekends.. The car is in GREAT condition, almost no flaws of significance for a 10yr old car. SEE the photo album. There are NO known or suspected mechanical flaws, I service my car regularly with a MASTER MB TECH of 15 years, who owns & built his own HIGHLY MODIFIED TURBO C36, currently he fixes Celebrity cars for a NY area MB DEALERSHIP..The cosmetic flaws are as follows:

  • Tiny ( 1/8" or smaller) chip on windshield glass.
  • Front bumper cover has a crack ($300 +/- repair at a body shop)
  • Front right fog light has tiny crack in glass lens (I will give the new owner a replacement fog light FREE with purchase of the car..Just didn't get to put it in yet)
  • Tiny (1/16 x 1.5") surface scuff on left rear bumper impact strip
  • A few rub marks on convertible top from opening/closing VERY minor
  • Clock/Gear selector LCD's have gotten pixelated
  • Vinyl tear 3/8" on inside of door vinyl (can not be seen w/door closed) use glue to repair.
  • Tiny paint chips (pinhead size) near drivers door jamb, from 79yr old lady prior owner, applied touchup paint to it & it's unnoticeable unless you bring out your magnifying glass.
  • Tiny hood (from underside) dent where s/c touched hood- PDR fix for $50

I park AWAY from EVERYONE anytime I park in a parking lot, I don't parallel park (for concern for people hitting my bumpers), I do NOT eat or drink (other than water) in my car, etc, etc.. I'm very detail oriented, and aside from those tiny flaws this car is a cream puff...

Let me do the homework for you, like I was shopping for a car myself:


NADA: CLEAN TRADE-IN: $15,800 RETAIL: $19,250
MANHEIM: AUCTION: $15,100 +fees, etc, RETAIL: $21,000

** AVERAGE PRICE: $17,810 ***
PLUS $10,020 IN MODS = $27,830 in VALUE


MY PRICE WITH EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE S/C: $17,800 .. I will put the car back to the stock engine.. BUT YOU KEEP ALL OF THE OTHER MODS/WHEELS/SUSPENSION/HEADLIGHTS/ETC/ETC/ETC.... **You know you can NOT professionally purchase/install a S/C for this car for $2199 would be in your best interest to seize the rare value and opportunity being offered here today.

I don't need to sell the car, so I'm not accepting offers at this time, since as I've demonstrated, this is more than a value, it's a rare opportunity, to own a rare classic, with unique and subtle mods... Thanks for your interest.

Check out the album below: Forums - whitee's Album: SUPERCHARGED CLK 430 CONVERTIBLE for sale..

PS: CAR IS IN NY, but pending payment in full, I will certainly help the new owner with their shipping arrangements (paid by buyer).....
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