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"Its getting late..."
The emotion in her voice echoed in my mind.
"Time to go..."
I kissed her lightly on the cheek, and hugged her one more time. "I'll see you soon... The weekend will be here before you know it." One thing I said was guaranteed; the weekend would arrive. For all man's achievements in the centuries that have passed since he took his first upright steps, man has not been able to reign in time. The weekend will come. Will I see her soon? I can not guarantee. No one can. It is true we will be parted for the week. It is the path we have chosen. We are fortunate enough to sit at the table and play the hand we've been dealt. We'd like to switch cards, but its not in the rules. We'll play the hand. One day, the game will change and we'll enjoy the rewards of having stayed at the table.

Enough pondering the situation. The task is clear and it is time to go. I climb into the cabin of my trusty 107 and point her South for the return trip. This trip will be in stark contrast to the trip up Saturday. It is late afternoon, and the canvas is stretched tight and latched. I can't help think about the chiding I'll receive if any of my fellow benzworld members hear of me driving TUWD (top up, windows down). Never the less, the decision is made. My arms are still tingling from the exposure to the sun Saturday. No worries... I'll wear the badge of sunburn proudly for I was fortunate enough to be able to receive that dose in a most spectacular drive. This afternoon, I'll reflect on the drive in a bit quieter environ. Yes, TUWD is the order for the day.

Soon, my mind began to wonder to the week ahead. What deadlines and decisions lay ahead as the week unfolds? What pressures will be felt as projects suceed or fail, and how will the economy and markets respond to the "news of the day"? The tunes of my ipod were hardly perceived as I drove along.

Ipod! Speaking of contrasts... There's one for you. Modern technology in a 22 year old car. Who would have thought that one day, the melodies so thoroughly enjoyed during my youth would be transformed into a series of 0's and 1's and then broadcast via RF to be translated into the memories of music. The broadcast so ably received by the becker carefully nestled in the console of my 107. 22 years! As I said the number outloud, the words rolled off my tongue so easily and without a pause. 22 years! When the autoworker wiped off the last finger prints on the car I was careening down the highway in today, did he have any imagination that 22 years later, it would still be functioning reliably?

Rather than dwell on the engineering marvel and achievement of the motorvehicle I was in, I instead turned to thinking about the passage of time. 22 years! Where had they gone. Where would my ole 107 be in 22 years from now? Where would I be? I began looking at the road ahead and realized it was like a timeline of my life. Certainly, there were fewer miles ahead than there were behind. Had I made a difference? How had the road I have travelled impacted those that I love; those around me. Had the side roads I took made a difference. Will the couple whom I helped stranded on the highway be richer for having received a bit of help as I travelled along? Where would the road ahead take me and what side routes would be present to explore in the miles ahead? I couldn't help but recall the immortal words of Robert Frost, as I travelled towards home. "Miles to go before I sleep..." Could the master have believed that a lifetime later, a man would be pondering that same prose as he travelled along. Yes, I had miles to go before I slept this night, and miles of thoughts to sort through as I pondered the road ahead.

Certainly, the last mile will click by, one day. It is inevitable. Then I will be truly home. I believe this as strongy as I believe anything, but tonight, the miles left are many and me and my 107 are gliding along oblivious to the world around us. Up ahead, I begin to notice the lights of oncoming cars... The horizon is slowly fading into the shadows. I reach for the switch on the dash and turn on my lights. The road ahead is instantly illuminated and the reflective markers of the road and the roadsigns inidcate to me this day's journey is nearly over. Soon I will rest, but only for a short bit. Tomorrow will come, and whatever challenges lay ahead will continue to weave the fabric that makes me who I am. For now, though, I enjoy the sunset.

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I truly love how your words come out...Thanks for taking us on the trip with you
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