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Sunroof only goes up- not down

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I'm pretty well-versed in the world of 123, but i'm trying to figure out 124. I love my 92 300te, but a few things are baffling.
When closing the sunroof (pushing switch forward), it closes, then pops up to vent. When i pull down on the switch to close it, it just continues to try to rise. When it's closed, i can either push up on the switch, or pull down on it. eith way, it rises. I'm having to close it by sliding it open, then sliding it closed and just letting go of the switch in that split-second when it's in between slide and vent.
i bought a switch from a boneyard, and it does the same thing- i was very let-down.
anyway, anybody had this problem? any chance at all that two switches could be malfunctioning in the same way? thanks-mick
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There is a aprox. 1" by 2.5" black relay mounted on the bottom of the sunroof motor mounting bracket behind the spare wheel cover in the left rear for the car...most likely your problem, Good luck.
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