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1983 380SL R107, LH drive
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So how is it bagged? The 380sl(& similar) have their shocks through the spring, almost like a coilover. Shocks only come up through the bottom but only after the spring goes in through the side. A double convoluted bag will never work unless the shock absorber is relocated. The "olskool Skyjackers" that incorporate both into one unit might work, but they have a tiny balloon sleeve&are designed really only to supplement still-sprung suspension.
A well designed air suspension is awesome. I bagged my '67 vw bus 15yrs ago, and being a swing axle, was quite difficult albeit quite rewarding still to this day. Since have my R107, I've pondered the possibility... And someone else did it...?
Pray tell!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts