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I have the sumitomo's on my 63 for about 650 miles now...245/275s.

Handling is on par, but not exactly the same as with the PZeros. Traction off the line is improved slightly, still trying to master the throttle so not quite sure. Only real difference I noticed besides seeing more meat on the rear end is road noise/road sensitivity has gone up. I tend to feel highway conditions more and tires are a little louder, but bearable.

A good tire for the price. I would buy them again maybe trying 265s out back next time.
I run these Sumitomos on my Audi and completely agree with the above. They're definitely noisier than the Pirellis I have on my CL500 (and more to the point, noisier than the Contis they replaced) but overall they perform well and were definitely a good buy. Different models so YMMV obviously but there you have it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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