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Good overall Tires

I have them on my Beetle, Z31 turbo and Z32 (Nissan 300zx) twin turbo and as long as you drive within the limits, you're fine. They are no P-Zeros or G'Year's GS-D3 or all the other much more xpensive summer tires. However, for normal daily driving on dry, wet and non snowy pavement, can't beat them.

I do agree with ahmadhasib's comment about the sidewalls beeing soft. But that's only noticeable usually when you're getting close to the limits - for example, I go through a tight righthander on my way from work. On my E430, with G'Year's Eagle F1-GS-D3, I take that bend effortlessly at 90. With the Sumis, I stay at 70.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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