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Suggestions on what to BUY

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I'm new here and I'm looking at buying a used 2002 S500 or 2001 S600.. I plan on spending about $50K. I"m not sure if I am going to like the MB so, my back up plan is to sell it in a year or 2 and hopefully get most of my $$ back...

I saw 2 on Ebay that caught my eye... 2002 S500 with 29,000 miles plus it has the BRABUS kit... Most likely around $50K - $53K.

The other is a "BUY BACK (LEMON)" 2001 S600 with the Lorinser kit with 43,000 miles. Asking $53K. I don't know too much about the LEMON thing but was wondering if anyone knows if it's a good deal or bad...

I think the safe play is the 2002 S500 with low miles, that's still under factory warranty..

Any suggestions ???

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u won't get most of your money back, especially on an S-class. But go with the S-500. the 600 will take up a lot of gas and you really can't use that much power in the city, unless you give big charities to the police and they all know you personally.
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