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Suggestions on rims

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Hello, I have a 2006 black e350, any suggestions on rims and where I should get them from?
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Yeah, mine are kind of beat up from the edges and are chipped so I've been looking for some that would look good on my w211
Wheels are so much a matter of personal taste...

Here are a few thoughts.

First, do you want to go larger, or stay with stock sizes? Many people love the look of larger wheels, but 18s are rather the limit on the 211 chassis without completely destroying ride quality. Of course if you are not ready to buy tires, you have to stay with the OE size or wait until your tires are done.

Second, do you know wheel brands? If not, stick with a trusted vendor, like Tire Rack ( One, they don't sell junk, so you can trust what they sell. Two, they'll show you what fits, so you don't have to worry about spacers, adapters, etc. Third, if you are also buying tires they ship the set mounted and balanced, with new lugs if required, so you can put them on yourself if you like. Fourth, you can see what all of their options look like on your car and in your car's color, which is nice. Even if you don't end up buying from them, you can at least see what is available and then you also have some brand names to look for.

Last thought...and I hesitate to mention it due to the purists in the forum ;) ... but black cars sometimes look excellent with chrome wheels, at least if that is to your taste.

Good luck and happy shopping.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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