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1979 240 D, 1993 500 SEL
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what do you suggest for a basic wrench/socket set for doing maintenance , and any suggestion for a good,readable maintenance/repair manual for a W140 and W123. I have bought the Chilton's manuals at O'Reilly, but they don't really include critical steps and helpful dyi for the newbie.

I have not done any repair work, would like to start by doing things like change fuel filter, air cleaner, oil,maybe replace a belt or hose when needed.
Any major engine work I would have done, but I would like to be able to assess whether a job really is needed, such as shocks. Could I replace my own shocks, accumulators when needed, or is it too complex?They are fine now, but I would like to gradually have enough information and tools to do some basic work.

Any suggestions appreciated. I have a good indie mechanic, but some day affordability may leave me to do some of the work or not have an MB.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts