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2001 E320 4Matic, Desert Silver, 127K miles, wonderful condition.
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First off a big thank you to all of the members of this forum.
You have all saved me huge amounts of money and aggravation in
getting things fixed on my car.

2001 E320 4-Matic, 95000 miles

The history of the car is pretty simple: purchased in Connecticut
by my elderly Aunt and driven well, maintained exceptionally well,
to 93,000 miles. When she passed away, the car came to me.

I had it shipped to Oregon in December (2008) and it arrived with
a dead battery -- it had been sitting in the proverbial "Red barn"
since May (2008). It was rolled off the car carrier and I gave it
a jump and drove it two blocks to home.

I called Mercedes and they sent the tech out and I had a new battery
in it in less than an hour off the car carrier. He showed me how to
reset the various things. Excellent.

My assessment began then --- just as the snow storm was arriving.

I drove it pretty gently for the next couple of weeks, fresh gas,
a can of Sea Foam.

Then out to the local Mercedes dealer for an inspection and
resolution of a few issues I had noted:

-- corrected some detached body trim (was hanging down).

-- changed engine thermostat and coolant -- only getting to
40 degrees C engine heat in 20 degree F weather.

-- oil & filter change

-- crankshaft position sensor -- popped codes when it wouldn't
start after heat soak. I used my codes reader and voila:

P0300 - multiple cylinder misfires detected.
P0335 - Crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction.
P0306 - cylinder #6 misfire detected.

The Mercedes dealer recommended:

-- changing the spark plugs
-- transmission service
-- fuel filter replacement

The Mercedes dealer said it was the cleanest, most well maintained
E-320 they had ever seen brought in. So far so good :)

I poked around under it with the service tech. There is zero / no
winter/salt corrosion evident anywhere under the car. :)

A few weeks later, code P0306 was back, so I changed the spark plugs
(Bosch Platinum) and noted that #6A was fouled. I swapped coils and
wires to the easier to get to #4 ! And later #4 indicated misfire.
I purchased a replacement coil and Vvvrrummm --- highway MPG jumped
from 22mpg to 27mpg. Woo Hoo, and it idles remarkably smoothly now.

I have installed the trunk CD player (purchased from eBay wrecking yard
seller). Nice integration and works great.

I have replace the wiper arm with a new Bosch unit -- much needed
for here in rain country.

A year ago, Dec-2007 - 91,006 miles service included:

-- Replaced four tires Michelin Primacy MXV 4 tires - 215/55R16
-- brakes flush
-- fuel injector service
-- shifter bushings
-- transmission leak fix - ELT connector replaced
-- outer CV boots
-- lower control arm bushings

It currently needs:

-- a valve cover seal repair (top of the valve cover, passenger side
of the engine). I'll attend to that when the weather is warmer :)

-- the time & temp pixel problem correction. Getting ready for that.

-- heating problem resolved: where when cruising at 50-60 mph on the
highway, suddenly the heat goes cold. Setting the temp to "HI"
for about a minute and then resetting it to 70-75F all is well for
a hour or more of driving. Recurs and then do it again and
all is well for a while. I've cleaned the duo valve - twice, had
minor build up on the pistons. Much better -- but not cured.
I've checked but there are no codes in the climate control system.
I am wondering if I should just replace the aux pump.

Again -- thanks for all of the on-line info in this forum !

I have been reading for weeks ! This is my first Mercedes :)

So I am wondering what other items I should watch for --- given
a 95000 miles, 8 year old plus E-320 ?

How long do fuel pumps last ?

Idler pulleys and belt tensioner ?

Thanks a bunch !

Did I mention the car is wonderful in snow and a dream to drive
on sunny days !!
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