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2001 E430
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this might be helpful for anyone wanting to lower w210 and go +1 wheels..
i lowered my e430 (2001) with H&R sport springs (about 1.3 in. drop) with #2 pads all around. installed Carlsson 1/6 evo. wheels with 235/40/18 tires with NO PROBLEMS!!! I think the car looks t*ts now...wheel offset is ET35 (vs. 37 stock "merak" wheel). now, the carlsson wheel is HEAVY, about 30lbs., but my experience having installed these wheels is that the ride is actually smoother, contrary to various opinions and experience. i think the extra unsprung weight makes the wheel less prone to bouncing or hopping in and out of ruts, etc. just a guess. whatever the reason, the ride is fantastic!! i was concerned with goint to an 18" wheel, especially one so heavy, but it has worked out better than expected.
so, for those wanting to move up to 18" without hassle, ET35 is the magic number. factory lug bolts worked also, btw.
i love this setup! thanks to all of you who have posted experience with lowering, etc.;because of the information found on this site i was able to avoid learning through making mistakes. went off without a hitch.
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