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Hi, I've got a 2011 C-Class like the one in the picture below

I love the sound system in there but I really want more bass, so I'm thinking of installing a subwoofer/amp combo. Are there any audio buffs who could reccommend me some good subs an amps?

What I really want to know is what kind of power can this specific car take before the subwoofer makes the car rattle? I dont mind putting in dynamat to sound proof the trunk and prevent it rattling.....but I guess the question is would having such a powerful setup that requires that be suitable in the first place? I want to have something that would be powerfull but it has to suit the car aswell!

I was thinking maybe one 15" sub would do it, but not sure if thats over the top. the sub I'm lookin at is the "Kicker CompVX"

Any input would be greatly appreciated here!
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