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Ive seen many threads similar but different in there own way, 2010 e350 200,000 miles... So when accelerating at low speeds and rpms the car stutters heavy, heavy vibration you can feel the hesitation in power as well, but when pedal is pushed hard it stops the park you can gas it however and there is no skips , no wierd sounds , no stutter at all you wouldnt know there was an issue. There was for a week a check engine for thermostat that went off on its own..then one for maf..i cleaned it and the light went off then 3 days later it came on again but this time stating fuel to rich bank 2 that light also went away after a few days but now the car is driving horrible on ocasion sounding like its bout to stall then catches itself..i can fix almost any issue i just cant diagnose anything?
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