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Stupid turn signal problem...

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changed my turn signal bulbs last night and the bulbs a i changed them with "looked" the same but it was kind of dark and couldnt see the this morning on my way to side signal (from the inside) just stays on constant, and the other side flashes but doesnt make a sound :confused: ..

wrong/type bulb?? thats my guess....cant do anything till i get home this evening but i thought that would be the problem? just hoping its not something more........expensive...
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i didnt feel like going back in the car when i changed it at night, so i just checked by unlocking with the key FOB.......and it worked fine....maybe the wrong bulb type
no, didnt have time in the morning....just the problem from the inside was as i stated in my first post..
looked at it in the light, wrong bulb number. Problem solved :)
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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