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stupid oil change question

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this is really stupid, but have to ask...

My car is rarely driven. I had the oil done last year around this time (Agip 10W40)

since then, i've probably put 200 miles, tops. its been in winter storage, and just came out yesterday. so, obviously, i'll need to change the oil again, ASAP, but how bad is it to drive it now?

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IT is better to get the engine fully hot to burn off the water in the fuel. May as well put a goodly number of miles on it to make sure you get the system fully purged of condensation. A long highway trip will do that. A few will be better. If you only put 200 miles on the car, you are also contaminating the fuel system. You should run at least three tanks of fuel to clean up the fuel system of varnish and old fuel.
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