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1987 560 SEC
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<P align=center><FONT color=#8000ff size=5><STRONG>BEAUTIFUL MERCEDES BENZ 560 SEC COUPE
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<P align=left><FONT face=Tahoma color=#400080 size=5>Private Owner Sale. The Finest Mercedes Benz 560 SEC Coupe available. Classic example of the large, fast and rare 3890 pound beast. Powered by a dual overhead cam 5.6-liter engine this car is fast, responsive, tight and handles like a dream. Meticulous, complete mechanical restoration managed by Mercedes Benz enthusiast/fanatic. Only original Mercedes Benz parts used and top Mercedes professionals performed all work. No expense or time spared to achieve perfection. Over $33,000 in documented receipts in the past 3 years. </FONT>
<P align=left><FONT face=Tahoma color=#400080 size=5>The body is beautiful astral silver metallic. The paint is impeccable with only a few, very minor defects. The front and rear bumpers were painted in August 2003 and are near perfect. I have four new original stock Mercedes alloy wheels and five other original alloys (9 total). High quality, polished chrome fender wells and chrome side view mirrors added to accent the already beautiful, original, stock chrome bumpers and trim. </FONT>
<P align=left><FONT face=Tahoma color=#400080 size=5>The interior is an immaculate burgundy red, with a black dashboard and Zebrano wood trim throughout. A new custom-made headliner was just installed. The seats have top of the line Ramshead 2 piece, custom sheepskin seat covers that perfectly match the astral silver color of the exterior. The stereo system consists of an Alpine AM/FM/CD and a 10" trunk mounted Bazooka base tube that is custom wired with an on/off Mercedes rocker switch. The car has 4 wheel ABS, heated front power seats/headrests, a fully independent front suspension with a hydraulic self leveling rear suspension, airbags, front & rear A/C, dual horns, cruise control, telescopic power steering, power door locks, factory alarm, and a sunroof. The purchase price in 1987 was $67,000. <BR><BR>Below is the link to the Mercedes Photos: </FONT>
<P><A href="" target=new><FONT color=blue size=6><B><U><STRONG>MERCEDES PHOTOS-Click Here</STRONG></U></B></FONT></A>
<P align=left><FONT face=Tahoma color=#ff0000 size=5>This is a classic car in mint condition that needs nothing but a real enthusiast who enjoys the best!! </FONT>
<P align=left><FONT face=Tahoma color=#400080 size=5>Original 141,000 miles with less than 21,000 miles since complete mechanical restoration. Mechanical restoration includes among numerous items a complete new cylinder head, new transmission,water pump, all hoses, all new fuel system, radiator, alternator and starter ($14,400) all new front and rear suspension components, brakes, calipers and rotors ($5600) a complete refurbishment of the climate control system ($4700) numerous exterior and interior appointments ($7350).
<P>It is impossible to itemize all I the work and passion in this vehicle. I have a huge folder of documentation itemizing the $33,000 invested in the last 3 years. I also have all original purchase documentation and a separate file of service/repair records since the car was delivered in 1987. Below is the complete Mercedes Restoration List Link. 
<P><A href="" target=new><STRONG>RESTORATION LIST - Click Here</STRONG></FONT></A>
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<P align=left></FONT><FONT face=Tahoma color=#400080 size=5>Please Click on the link below to see my perfectly restored 1981 BMW 733i Four Door Sedan for sale. This car has the highest level of meticulous detail with over $45,000 in documented receipts in the last 3 years!!!</FONT>
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<P align=center><FONT color=#ff0000 size=6>PERFECT 1981 733i BMW 4 Door Sedan For Sale </H3></CENTER></A><IMG src="">
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<P><FONT face=Tahoma size=5><A href="mailto:[email protected]" target=new>[email protected]</A></FONT>
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