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Stump the Board! Mulitple issues, wipers, radio, phone, and keyless system

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Let me start with saying these issues come and go with no rhym or reason.

1. With the wipers turned off they will start running fast and to turn them off I just turn the nob once then they stop. Sometimes even doing this does not work and I will be driving down the road on a sunny day, which doesn't happen very often, with my wipers running. But since the new issue below showed up my wipers are working great.

2. My keyless entry system stop working. So then I used the mental key and went and open the trunk which I guess resets it. Now that is working fine.

3. Since the reset of the keyless entry my radio now has no sound but my wipers are still working normally. Mute button show up on the screen when it is pushed. There is just no sound coming from it.

4. I kept the Star Tac in its cradle and on but now it will not power on since all this happened.

So any suggestions on how to get the volume back onto my radio, while keeping the keyless system working, and not have my wipers go on whenever they like?

Thanks for the help!!!
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I believe under the front seats for the front sam.

I believe its the passenger side, but Im not certain.
there are 3 sam modules in the car

1 under the passenger side rear seat

2 on opposite sides of the engine, if you pop your hood and looking at the car there are in the top left and top right boxes, one of the boxes should have a sticker and say battery in trunk. there are other computers there but the sam is the computer connected to the fuses and disconnects from the fuse box.

if you think its your sam i would take a look and see if you find any water or corrosion on the connections on all the sam's. but make sure your disconnect your battery before disconnecting anything
what i would do in your case, i am a little mechanically inclined

take off the kicker panel on the left side of the footwell, there is a screw in the middle right thats a little hidden but its there, dont forget to disconnect the tweeter down there (yeah theres a speaker there)

then track down the cable and try to follow it under the car

im dont remember if you have to take off the underbody plastic panel or if its exposed

and if you cant see anything wrong

next step is to take off you rear wheel, you can do one then the other if you dont have jack stands

unscrew the caliper, 2 bolts behind the caliper, you need a long thick screw driver to decompress the caliper a little to take it off the rotor

then unsrew the bolt holding the caliper ( im not sure if its there or if thats only in the front, but if you look you will deffinitly see it if its there)

then try to take of the rotor, if its a little rusted around the center hub, my technic its to spray WD-40 around it and hit around the rotor a little, not the disk part, and the vibrations will usually get it off

then once you have it off then see where the cable pull and see if you see anything broken or bent.

this might be too extensive but if you would want to sace some money then this would be a good way to go
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1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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