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Stump the Board! Mulitple issues, wipers, radio, phone, and keyless system

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Let me start with saying these issues come and go with no rhym or reason.

1. With the wipers turned off they will start running fast and to turn them off I just turn the nob once then they stop. Sometimes even doing this does not work and I will be driving down the road on a sunny day, which doesn't happen very often, with my wipers running. But since the new issue below showed up my wipers are working great.

2. My keyless entry system stop working. So then I used the mental key and went and open the trunk which I guess resets it. Now that is working fine.

3. Since the reset of the keyless entry my radio now has no sound but my wipers are still working normally. Mute button show up on the screen when it is pushed. There is just no sound coming from it.

4. I kept the Star Tac in its cradle and on but now it will not power on since all this happened.

So any suggestions on how to get the volume back onto my radio, while keeping the keyless system working, and not have my wipers go on whenever they like?

Thanks for the help!!!
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Found another problem!

Did you just get the vehicle? and have you read your manual thoroughly? they are all un related. unless you have gremlins. when you play you figure it out. the wipers could have been on rain sensor as that would explain the one all of a sudden. Is your radio in phone mode. It sounds like the old chrysler K car turn the lights on and the radio goes off. Start with one problem exclude the others that work from your question and work from there.
I have had the car for about 1 1/2 years. I bought it from a Nike executive who only drove it to and from the airport and it only had 27K miles on it when I got it. It was like brand new and for an 8 year old car perfect condition.

I have read the manual from front to back.

Wiper sensor, correct me if I am wrong, should work when you turn the wipers on to the first position. My problem was when they were turned completely off.

The radio might be in phone mode but since the phone won't work or is dectected by the car how would I get it out of phone mode?

I agree all these items should be unrelated and just might well be but it is strange that when one problem stops a new one come up and I mean right away.

Oh and here is a new one I just noticed, when I get out of the car at night the lights come on, which is what they are suppose to do but now they blink and go into high beam. It doesn't happen all the time but just most the time. This started on last Sunday.:crybaby2:

I will post the car history as I know it.

Thanks guys for all the help!!!
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That was a great discription, and helps allot. i agree with Oliverk sounds like your sam problem, I feel bad for you because the vehicle sounds like it was a super deal. have you washed it in a car wash or with high pressure water? or drove through a really big puddle lately.
Not that I can think of. I have been getting my car washed at the local drive threw wash since I have had it.

What is the SAM?
Were is the sam located in the car?
A nother problem has come up today! Anybody want to sell me some swamp land?

I believe under the front seats for the front sam.

I believe its the passenger side, but Im not certain.
Thanks I will check it out


I was driving the neighbors to the airport today and half way there I started to feel a vibration like a tire was going flat. I was getting off at the next exit when it stopped shaking then 5 minutes later started to shake again the I hear a thud and the vibration stopped and has not come back. So I dropped the neighbors off and then stopped at Costco. I went to go set my parking break, which I do out of habbit and the damn pedel went to the floor. My breaks are working just fine but no parking break now.

Can anybody think of what might have happened?

Thanks for all the help!!!
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Thanks I will try that and let you know.
Thanks I will check out the SAM's tomorrow.

Anybody have diagrams of the emergency break system? I would like to track this down before I climb under the car.

Thanks for all the help!
Thanks for the help. I am not able to work on the car for a few days due to all this global warming we are having here in Seattle. It's snowing like crazy right now at my house. Good news is it shouldn't stick around. We are suppose to have sun this weekend. Can anyone here tell me what that looks like?

When I do get a dry day I will post what I find after trying a few of the suggestions here.


Here is the update. We finally had a sunny day up here so I checked several things out. Under the hood both fuse boxes were dry and in great shape. I then took out the back seat and found the control unit for the cell phone which I unplugged then reconnected. At the time the phone would not charge and now it does. Before I did that I disconnected the battery in the trunk. As I started to reconnect the battery I noticed that the ground pole was looking pretty bad so I cleaned both poles and connectors before reconnecting. After reconnecting I started the car and got three or four error messages which went away the second time I stared the car. So now my cell works, wipers are working as they should, and my radio is back to normal.

Could the dirty poles on the battery been part of the issue?

I also need to find a place to get the replacement break wear sensor. I replaced the front breaks but I am still getting the break pad wear message. Anyone know where and how much they cost?

Thanks for the help!

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Just for the sake of accuracy, global warming talks about average global temperature, not particular day to day temps. One of the symptoms of increased global average temp is more weather extremes, both hot and cold (like the unseasonable snow you're having...). Just saying, it may be better to read up on it a little than to trust to the likes of Rush "The Drug King" Limbaugh for analyses on such a topic. Many times what is seen by those unfamiliar with the topic is actually one of the strongest data points supporting the efficacy of this position.

Sorry I don't listen to Rush anymore and its been over 12 years since I did.

The global warming comment was me trying to be funny.:D

I am not sure if there is global warming but I do know as humans we are putting way to much crap in the air. I just hope mother nature doesn't decide to let one of her volcano's rip or we will all be in trouble.
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