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Stump the Board! Mulitple issues, wipers, radio, phone, and keyless system

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Let me start with saying these issues come and go with no rhym or reason.

1. With the wipers turned off they will start running fast and to turn them off I just turn the nob once then they stop. Sometimes even doing this does not work and I will be driving down the road on a sunny day, which doesn't happen very often, with my wipers running. But since the new issue below showed up my wipers are working great.

2. My keyless entry system stop working. So then I used the mental key and went and open the trunk which I guess resets it. Now that is working fine.

3. Since the reset of the keyless entry my radio now has no sound but my wipers are still working normally. Mute button show up on the screen when it is pushed. There is just no sound coming from it.

4. I kept the Star Tac in its cradle and on but now it will not power on since all this happened.

So any suggestions on how to get the volume back onto my radio, while keeping the keyless system working, and not have my wipers go on whenever they like?

Thanks for the help!!!
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cable snap on the brake, or fastener broke off. At first I thought a weight came loose until you said the pedal went to the floor.

On the other issues, sounds like the SAM, but I thought I would throw this out there too: On both my GTO and my wife's Jaguar, the car does weird things if the door is opened while it is locked, or it is locked/unlocked in a strange combination. In the Jag, this anti-theft confusion has disabled the radio/nav done other weird things. However, in both cases, it's cleared up when I've turned the car on and off through one cycle and then locked and unlocked it in the conventional order (close door, hit remote, hit remote, open door).

Hope this helps,

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