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Hi, the wife got stuck with the gear lever not coming out of park, I went and did the rod through the hole for it come come unstuck after reading it here, so she could get home,but it was in limp/emergency mode and didn't change out of low gear...
Brake lights are working fine, but I see from pulling off the switch , and ordering a new one there's more than one circuit on it.
After removing the switch and the connectors to it , it still wont come out of this how its meant to be? I imagine that if I know the correct pair of wires I can short them and have the relay release the gear lever? or if the switch is the problem with the connections off, is the problem some where else?
No codes from my cheap laptop based code reader...
I can wait for the new switch to arrive but I'd like to be sure the problem isn't elsewhere if I can...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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