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Stubborn oil filter canister cap

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Boy, I spent an hour and still can't get the oil filter canister cap off. I've used a cap removal wrench ($5 from Kragen; made with plastic) and even a channel plier. The plastic removal wrench from Kragen is totally useless. It slips out every time. I think I need a metal removal tool. I search online. Looks like the metal removal tool is around $19-$30. Any recommend brand and where to buy?

I hate the original oil filter canister cap design. Why didn't they make the cap like the ATF housing cap? Easy on easy off.
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It wouldnt be original engineering would it. Did you remove the center nut of the cap first? If so then the housing lifts straight off. No threads no anything. All there is is that center nut with gasket and an O-ring at the bottom keeping it sealed. My first time was rough so I spun mine by hand to break the n seal then wiggled it pulling on it straight to get it out. If you do It every 3000 miles it wont be hard next time.

Good Luck
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