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Stubborn oil filter canister cap

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Boy, I spent an hour and still can't get the oil filter canister cap off. I've used a cap removal wrench ($5 from Kragen; made with plastic) and even a channel plier. The plastic removal wrench from Kragen is totally useless. It slips out every time. I think I need a metal removal tool. I search online. Looks like the metal removal tool is around $19-$30. Any recommend brand and where to buy?

I hate the original oil filter canister cap design. Why didn't they make the cap like the ATF housing cap? Easy on easy off.
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The cap on the 300E is not center nut type. I wish it is. That will be easy. It's a screw on cap.

My 300e has 72k miles. :)
Just want to update this thread. I returned the plastic oil filter wrench (didn't work) to Kragen and bought a metal one from Autozone. The metal one is very similar to the RiteFit. Also bought a 3 feet metal pipe from Home Depot to get more leverage. Finally get the dame cap off.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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