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Struck from behind :(

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Hello all its been a while hope you all had a wonderful year so far, been on a long holiday :)
My cars been hit from behind , driver failed to stop :/ heres whats happend Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive exterior Bumper

So insurance said reparing outweighs the cars value ans decided to pay out and i have to get it repaired my self , so cant carry out repair until the third party looks at it .. So fixing little bits around the car .... Quick question- iam trying to fix the seat heater - does the gen 2 sec have seat heater relays ? Thanks

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Sux about the hit, more important was no injuries I take it. You found out what many others have found out, the insurance companies will write off as totaled relatively minor damage even though it can be fixed. I'd be one also to let them pay me whatever to keep it and then I'd call Ken Nugent lol (one of the several TV injury lawyers in Atlanta) I don't know how you kept your cool, first thing I'd wanna know would be if they were on the phone or texting while driving

Someone will get a decent deal from ins co, my brother was hit last week, totaled needing a fender, hood, bumper, and front clip (grill and headlights) on a fairly new Ford, 4 door truck
Ahh wooky thats not good , hope he is ok
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Yea, he's ok, thanks
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