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I need your technical help here.
I have a U1450 with a 3250 mm wheelbase, I want to stretch it to 3750 mm.

The questions are:
1. Is it doable?
2. If so, does the chassis itself has to be stretched besides just bolting chassis extensions at the back?
3. Are torque tubes and drive shafts readily available somewhere in the used market?
4. What needs to be moved? Shock and spring supports and torsion bars? What else?
5. Does anyone have pictures so I can compare my chassis vs, say, a 1300?

Thanks in advance

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What is your desired outcome?

Extending the chassis is easy enough if you want a longer tray.
If mogs used a standard driveshaft type setup that wouldn't be too bad, but the torque tube design will be a big challenge.
Spring & shock mounts would be strait forward.
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