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So I am sitting at the on ramp to get onto the 51 feeway. This onramp is different it is 3 lanes and goes about a mile straight before merging onto the freeway. I was all alone at the light it was about 9pm last night. A turbo pt cruiser pulls up next to me and the guy actually threw revs at me and said
"throw down dude" I was like omg r u serious so after spanking the crap outta him worse than ive ever beat anyone in my life in a race I am on the 51 going along and a yello lancer ex pulls up next to me and is following me around quite fast. I exit, he follows. Were at a red light alone again just us 2. He guns it at the green and I kinda hung around at his speed for a few sec then I punched it jumping 2 car lenghts on him in a heartbeat.

The pulley really has givin me an edge. I go up aginst my friens 16g turbo eclipse gst modified tonight at the track I'll let ya know the outcome.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts