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Strange Thing : Windscreen Wipers

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Can anybody help ;
I picked my ML 270 cdi up from the garage last week and i love it to bits, its fully loaded and complete with amg kit and wheels, full of extras what a good move i traded a ml320.
I have a problem, the problem is i put the wipers on once and they never came back on again, very strange, the next day they worked fine anybody have any ideas.
the wipers are not rain sensative, cannot understand why not the car has ever other possible extras but never mind.
Before i take it back to the garage am i doing something wrong.

Thank you in advance
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Just to clarify the operation, the wiper control has four positions. Let's call them -1, 0, 1 and 2. Position -1 is fully down, and this engages the speed-sensitive delay wiper mode (or rain sensor mode, if so equipped). The next click up is position 0 which is "all off". One more click up to position 1 and you are in normal speed constant wiping, and finally, the last click up is position 2, which is high-speed constant wiping. Note that a momentary push up from position 0 to position 1 (but not enough to "click" into position 1) gives a single wipe. Pulling the lever toward you engages the washer system and will also provide about three or four wipes.

Did you push up or down to turn them on? Did you possibly just do a momentary push to position 1? And do you know it does not have the rain sensor (if it does, there will be a large plastic housing on the glass just behind the rearview mirror)? If it does have rain sensor wipers, that could explain the behavior you describe (it would be normal). I am not aware of any other issue that could cause the wipers to function only once in constant mode unless the switch is bad.

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i pressumed i does not have rain sensative wipers because it would normally have a auto possition on the controller ?
You either have rain sensor or speed sensitive intermittent. The control looks and is labeled the same for both, which is the bottom position on the stalk, below “0� or off. It is usually denoted by a symbol like this: - - - -

Like I said, if you have rain sensor, then there will be a plastic box attached to the windshield right behind (or really, “in front of�) the rearview mirror. Also, from outside the vehicle, you will see a small reddish/purplish tinted square in the top center of the windshield. Regardless, it sounds like you have a problem since you can’t get the wipers working at all. You might want to check the fuses to see if it’s a simple fix before heading to the dealer.

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