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Strange Thing : Windscreen Wipers

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Can anybody help ;
I picked my ML 270 cdi up from the garage last week and i love it to bits, its fully loaded and complete with amg kit and wheels, full of extras what a good move i traded a ml320.
I have a problem, the problem is i put the wipers on once and they never came back on again, very strange, the next day they worked fine anybody have any ideas.
the wipers are not rain sensative, cannot understand why not the car has ever other possible extras but never mind.
Before i take it back to the garage am i doing something wrong.

Thank you in advance
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Thanks for reply.
i pressumed i does not have rain sensative wipers because it would normally have a auto possition on the controller ?.
i know i have auto headlights.
i have pushed the lever up down and everywhere and i pull the lever towards me and the washer works but no wiper.
i think it might have to go to dealer.
i have had the car 1 week and just minor problems but i love the car.
its fully loaded amg kit wheels comand everything so i dont want these little problems to get me down.
any clues ?

Thanks In Advance

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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