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hi.. it has been at least 6 years since i last posted here. i have an 87' 190E 2.0 Auto. i have owned the car for the last 10 years and it has 190,000kms on the clock. i have a full service history and the car is well cared for by my dad.

here goes...

my car shifts well from 1-2,2-3 but its takes a short while to shift from 3rd to 4th. and on occasion (not all the time) there is a thud. this is when i am feathering the accelerator that this occurs. i got the Merc specialist to re-adjust the pressure to suit and now it seems to have no thud. however, lately i notice that it shifts from 3rd to 4th very very quickly. at time almost instantaneously. it is very strange and a bit annoying.

about a year ago, the tranny sprung a leak on the freeway and we had to pull over. i had enough oil in a can in the trunk that we added along the way. the tranny managed to retain this fluid through out the distance back home. the tranny oil seals, filter and so were the clutch plates were all replaced. after getting the car back she ran totally fine. however, ever since this time, i notice this issue progressively getting worse. until this point.

a month after the work on the tranny, the same merc specialist noted a leak on the rear differential. the oil seals were replaced here as well. after about 5k kms later, i notice a weird humming from the rear. i suspected the differential. but i then realised that both rear brakes were jammed. both the rear calipers were rebuilt fully with OEM ATE seals at the same merc specialist. the sound then reduced but not fully

another 5k kms later, i noticed the sound still not subsiding, i got some differential fluid treatmant (monoslip) and added this to the final drive. prior to adding, the mechanic noted that the fluid was filthy. i said that the oil seals were replaced not too long ago. he said it can occur as the new oil will take a while to clean the insides of the differential. this has reduced the sound. however i am hoping it is not my psychology acting up.

all this has lead to poor acceleration. i realise that with all systems off (no a/c, radio..etc) just the engine running the economy meter hardly touches the end marker on the meter. i am wondering what could be the cause. a faulty valve, faulty sensor or such. and how could it be traced or tested?


edit: the humming is evident on both acceleration and deceleration. it occurs at low to mid range speeds in an increasing pattern. 20kmh-50kmh. beyond that, or at highway speeds the noise is completely absent. the rear tyres on my car are around 6 years old. they have thread left it (50%) and have no cracks. i was wondering if it could be due to bad tyres being a factor as well.
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