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Hi Guys,

I have a 2006 SL500 (w/ AMG sports pack) and have a strange intermittent problem affecting the car. Every so often when I switch the car on, the following happens:
- SRS light remains on
- COMAND system says "system unavailable", switches itself off then on, says "system unavailable" and keeps going on and on in this cycle. I can also hear the CD player whirring constantly even when trying to listen to the radio.
- The seat warmer's don't work
- The car charger (cigarette lighter) stops working
- The lights do not come on automatically if it's at night.

I'm not sure if the last 2 are related as they may happen on their own, but the first two definitely happen at the same time and hopefully only stop if I turn my car off and start again. I have no idea when it's going to have this problem or not, so I can't take it to a dealer. I just had parts of the SRS system replaced but this doesn't seem to have fixed it. The mechanic I spoke to from another shop has no idea how all these seemingly separate systems on the car can be related.

Does anyone have any ideas? Could there be a short circuit happening somewhere? Software issue? Appreciate your input.

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