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strange noise

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So yeah, I expect some rattles, but this sounds mechanical. I used to have a jeep with a vacuum leak so oil would blow back through the airbox and drip down the shocks and finally dissolved one of the shock bushings. thats what the rattle sounds like, or like... gah a trailer hitch on a ball thats too small?

its wierd, i crawled under and nothing seems loose or broken or out of sorts, and i only hear the noise at low speeds. it seems to come from the drivers side front wheel steering column area. im perplexed. it just doesnt sound good its a very hollow noise

anyone have any ideas, i know thats vague but i am not to sure what it could be, but it sounds like a loose joint. i thought maybe one of the springs was broken but they arent loose or anything, though i havent jacked it up to look yet. it doesnt affect handling or ride height or anything, i simply just dont know what it is and if its something i need to take in to ahve looked at. just doesnt sound normal.
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In my opinion, your brake pedal has loosened up and is now rattling a little bit. Note that there is no noise when applying brake. Here is the test, on a deserted local road go over an imperfection that causes the rattle. Then with your left foot pull up on the brake pedal by wedging it behind and pulling towards you (a fun maneuver) and go over the same imperfection. Voila! If no noise time for the dealer to remove the play. Or maybe they will just break something else (I am sorry, but that had been my experience until recently). By the way this has happened in both my G's. Very annoying.
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