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I recently had a high idle problem with a car (Euro 500SEC 1983) which I had recently purchased. I was offered a second hand ICV from a 560SEC (US), which I was told would probably work. I put it in, and hey presto, the car started first time from cold, and after a quick test drive the idle settled down to a steady 500rpm, and would start easily when hot. A few day later I took a short trip and the car suddenly stalled when I stopped at a set of lights, and later stalled at speed when I took my foot off the throttle.

Back at the garage I checked everything and nothing seemed amiss. when hot, the engine would start easily and idle at 500rpm. The revs would then start to rise and fall, with the revs going higher and lower until it would eventually stall.

I took out the FPR and bridged the pins to keep the pump running and try to eliminate it as a cause, but the symptoms remain.

Firstly, does anyone know if the 560 ICV will work OK in a 500 (euro), and has anyone had a problem like this. Once running the engine runs sweetly.

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