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I am the happy owner of an CLK 430:D from 1998 it has now 59032 miles on it.
It drives fine, but only when the gearbox is still cold it make a strange sound when i slowly accelerate out of an corner.
It’s a strange problem and very hard to explain.
Let’s say i drive around 24 miles in my neighbourhood and i go into an corner and then slowly accelerate out of it, it makes a strange noise and its stop accelerating for let’s say one second.
But when i accelerate a bit harder from the corners its fine.

I now it’s a strange problem and hard to explain but maybe someone has had the same problem?
I am thinking of doing a tranny service, has it solved some tranny problems for other members?

(it has never had any tranny service done)


Greetz from Holland!:D

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I haven't changed mine yet (on a W209) but from what I have read, the ATF in a 722.6 autobox should be changed (or flushed) at about 60k miles. So it's about time yours was done. :thumbsup:
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