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I noticed today that i got an E2 code that popped up on my Becker 1432 radio. So the first thing i did was check the fuse box and sure enough fuse C was blown. So i decided to replace it. When i replaced it with the car off and key out it blew right away. Also things i learned... use pliers, blowing fuses burn...

Then i noticed that the door lights were on (dimly but still noticeable). The blown fuse is for the Door Lights, Sound System, and CD player. But unless i'm missing something if the fuse for the door lights is blown the door lights should not come on.

I started pulling fuses to see which one turned the door lights off. Turns out fuse #9 was the winner, it controls "diagnostic term.6, hazard warning system, turn signal lamp, electronic clock, front roof light, legroom lights, (electronic radio, mirror light-sun visor)".

I am totally lost on this one. Suggestions on how to find the issue or advice from fokes who've had this kind of problem would be fantastic :bowdown:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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