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Stored 1993 S420 has fuel problems-Gives sudden starting problems-solution needed

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My 1993 S420 has been stored in the winter since the winter of 2001-2. Has gone only 34K miles.
Used to start and run fine in spring in 2002 and 2003 but in spring 2004 started having a sudden starting problem. Usually after a 15 min drive, it would not start when started again. After repeated starting attempts, it would start once again. This has happened twice. During the starting attempts the car would backfire with a fuel smell. I think the problem has to do with the fuel system and gas in the fuel system, over the winter, clogging up the fuel system.
2004-5 winter I put in some fuel stablizer "sta-bil" and have liberally put in fuel injector cleaner.
After the two episodes in spring 2004 I was afraid to use this car for fear it might not start suddenly.
Any ideas?
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Did it work???

I have a 1995 S420 with very similar problems. My solution has been to hold down the starter for about 3-5 seconds longer and it will start.
So did changing the fuel filter solve your problem?
I'm going to try it too.

heartmd said:
Well, I did try to change the fuel filter myself.
Unless one has a lift this is very difficult.
For one all the brass fittings to the fuel filter itself are corroded and one might strip the threads easily.
Also the three plastic nuts holding the black plastic cover are tough but the aluminum bolt that holds them to the underbody is weak. So in trying to tighten them I borke off one of the bolts.
The two bolts in the front are holding the black cover good, so I used a couple of thick, long wire ties to hold the black cover in place.
The cover is to sheild the fuel pump from stone damage.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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