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Stored 1993 S420 has fuel problems-Gives sudden starting problems-solution needed

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My 1993 S420 has been stored in the winter since the winter of 2001-2. Has gone only 34K miles.
Used to start and run fine in spring in 2002 and 2003 but in spring 2004 started having a sudden starting problem. Usually after a 15 min drive, it would not start when started again. After repeated starting attempts, it would start once again. This has happened twice. During the starting attempts the car would backfire with a fuel smell. I think the problem has to do with the fuel system and gas in the fuel system, over the winter, clogging up the fuel system.
2004-5 winter I put in some fuel stablizer "sta-bil" and have liberally put in fuel injector cleaner.
After the two episodes in spring 2004 I was afraid to use this car for fear it might not start suddenly.
Any ideas?
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The fuel will have degraded quite badly despite the stabiliser.. This will be the root of your problem..basicaly your fuel fiter is cloged.there will have been water in the tank from hydroscopy.. change the fuel filter.. drain the tank at the same time.. do not store for long periods with large ammount of fuel in the till nearly empty. then put a can in when you need to start it then drive to the nearest gas station..Do you keep the battery on trickle charge..
But if that is your problem.. a flaky tank I would recomend a coat of TANK SLOSH..seals it up forever.. but you will need to remove the tank and all the internals before you do it..
Just take your VIN number to your local stealers.. and they will give you the correct part.. and a genuine one.. (I dont think the aftermarket ones are that good )
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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