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Came across this...

1988 Mercedes 560 SEL, 4 door, leather interior, all power. 2nd owner. Needs a battery and AC recharge. Aprox 140k miles. Currently in a storage facility, NEVER WRECKED. Asking $5000 O.B.O If interested or have questions, please call Kevin (209) 918-xxxx. Thanks!

1988 Mercedes 560 SEL

I'm a fan of 'Storage Wars' show on AETV.

You gotta admit, for one, finding a w126 tucked inside for storage for years is more appealing than one that's well-used, or out in the weather....

Repairs notwithstanding, uncovering these "barn finds" finds me utterly fascinated...


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Rats probably ate up the wiring harness

Shoo away from that car !!!!

It is a ordinary US spec one anyway, not an AMG or anything, and any 560SEL like that, which needs to be driven every couple of days, that was in storage that long will need a ton or work.

$5,000 is way too ambitious, ot could easily need $3,000 of work just to get it running.

I Do understand the thrill of a barn find -- when I saw Barry Taylor's 2 warehouses inside when he flipped the switch, both times it was like that. I had seen a few of those cars individually when I lived in SF and was married, years and years ago but here were two warehouses full of them, all dusty and not been run for many years; I wonder what happened since 2009 to them all.

Maybe they are still there. I think after Tthanksgiving I will try and find out. Perhaps he will be back from Germany by then.

When I first came up here I read of a wonderful story like this; some guy in Sacramento saw an ad in one of those free Penny Saver newspapers full of ads, for a " 53 Chevy convertible" that was stored in a barn up in one of the little Northern California cow counties like Glenn, Tehama or one of those.

An old lady answered the phone and said yes it was there, and been there for a long long time and it was for sale.

So he drove up there.

Sure enough it It was complete.all right when the tarps and hay were cleaned off of it.

It was a '53 Chevy convertible all right.

A Corvette!! First year of them.

He bought it right away for cash, right then ---no haggling over the price.

Which was Nine hundred dollars !!!!!
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