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Stolen Star on CLK 320 Cab

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Had my new CLK 320 for 5 hours...went out to dinner...came back and my car had been molested! Will installing some type of alarm system prevent this theft? What else can you do short of taking the star off? The emblem was only $28, but the scratches they put on my hood won't be so cheap!!!
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Stolen star...

There is a removable star that looks much like the stock one except that you can just pull it off and take it with you if you park somewhere where you think it might get stolen.<p>Unfortuantely, it can get stolen just about anywhere, including your driveway. Alarms don't do much because the emblems can be cut off in only a couple seconds.<p>I recommend replacing the ornament with a flat one like the those on the SLK, SL, and CL. You can get the kind that attach with adhesive ($5) or the kind that attach with bolts ($40).
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