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Hi All,
I've just bought a perviously "stolen" 2001 W208 CLK55 (interesting, considering these cars are impossible to start without the factory key).

When it was recovered by police the two front seats and wheels were missing.

Most body panels have slight damage after obviously being kicked in,front & rear windscreens & passenger door window is broken.There is no structual damage to the car.

It had been sitting idle in the corner of a panel shop for almost three years while the previous owner did battle with his insurance company----he lost.

The ECU vanished while in storage.

I have organised a new windscreen & passenger door glass & have yet to find a rear screen.

I'm in contact with a guy in the U.S. who is helping locate a compatible ECU &
I've been in contact with Mercedes Benz here in Sydney who have able to confirm the cars service history etc & can supply a new ECU if I can't locate a suitable used one (apparently the ECU, Ignition Module & Key are VIN specific).

The car has only done 35,600 KLM's

I have a few other MB's which I'm confident working on however I dont know much about W208's so any help/advice would be appreciated.

Can someone post a copy of the fuse print out for the fuse modules next to the ignition & the box in the trunk/boot next to the battery as mine are missing.

I also need a post/pictorial on the interior & headlining removal.

I will post a few picts of car in a few days. In the meantime any help would be much appreciated.
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