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stock suspension overhaul opinions

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i have noticed that my wagon is riding a bit rough. over sharp bumps or speed bumps, the suspension is very hard. i noticed a while ago that the right (pass) side hydraulic shock is leaking. it is caked with dirt and fluid. i was going to replace that shock. while i was at it, i was going to replace the gas spheres. the spheres are only $200 so i figured i'd just replace them because of the harsh/ridged ride in the rear. would bad nitrogen spheres cause the harsh ride.

anyone have the same problems?

is my course of action reasonable?

and with 108000 miles i am also going to replace the front shocks (original)

any opinions or input?
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I had an older wagon, w123, but same hydraulic suspension system. When I first got the car it was bone jarring to go over any type of bump due to the rear accumulators being shot. As soon as I replaced them it was like a whole new car. You should be able to have the strut rebuilt at a hydraulic shop v. buying a new unit as it is most likely just the seals that are worn. just check the yellow for a hose/hydraulic repair shop. Good luck.
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