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stock suspension overhaul opinions

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i have noticed that my wagon is riding a bit rough. over sharp bumps or speed bumps, the suspension is very hard. i noticed a while ago that the right (pass) side hydraulic shock is leaking. it is caked with dirt and fluid. i was going to replace that shock. while i was at it, i was going to replace the gas spheres. the spheres are only $200 so i figured i'd just replace them because of the harsh/ridged ride in the rear. would bad nitrogen spheres cause the harsh ride.

anyone have the same problems?

is my course of action reasonable?

and with 108000 miles i am also going to replace the front shocks (original)

any opinions or input?
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I would replace the leaking strut (only that strut) and the accumulators (gas spheres). The accumulators are responsible for the shock absorbing. And use the fluid as printed on the reservoir cap. Often, signs of bad spheres are hard rear rides and low reservior fluid levels (because the fluid has leaked internally to the gas chambers).

I would leave the front shocks alone at this mileage for now, if your wagon 4Matic. If not, take care of the rear first to see if you are satisfied with the ride then decide if to do the front shocks.
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