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still looking for 460 steering wheel...

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I'm still looking to update my steering wheel in my 1980 230G...
the steering wheel from a 126 will not work.
the steering wheel from a 123 will not work.
Has anyone actually transplanted a newer wheel to an older G?
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Are you sure about the W123 wheel not fiting the G
As far as I know it's the same wheel. Any MB wheel should fit.
Pls correct me if I'm wrong
Sorry but you're wrong...I tried to mount these things on the steering column and although they fit, the shape of the back of the steering wheel is so deep that you cant turn the's blocked by the instrument cluster housing...
I've got both these wheels and tried them go.
It's propably because you have the old-style wiper stalk/steering column with the horn on the end of the wiper stalk.
Hi Iver460,
In fact I do have that...what can I do to change this? Is the newer column longer or something?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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