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Sticky Steering Wheel Buttons?

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We've had our '02 E320 wagon for a couple weeks now.

I noticed that the steering wheel push buttons are "sticky" - they stick to your finger, as if they're covered with syrup or something.

Afraid to damage the finish, I cleaned 'em (and the st wheel) with mild soap (Woolite)and warm water. They're still just as sticky - almost as if the finish itself is sticky. Maybe damaged with some idiot goo such as Armorall or something?

I'm anxious not to ruin them with solvent - any ideas?
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Thanks, all.

Ours is light grey also. And, yes - cleaning off the dye will bug me too. I'll try rubbing alcohol and a qtip and let y'all know.

I plan to order the leathertique kit with tough up dye also - for the interior in general. Maybe the dye would work on the buttons? We'll see.
On mine only the volume switch was particularly sticky, presumably because it was used most. The buttons have a "soft feel" coating. I used my finger nails to completely remove the coating. There has been no colour ( UK spelling ) change and the button looks as it did before but now feels much nicer. I don't like these coatings, especially on a second hand car; you're never quite sure who used it previously!!!!
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