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Sticky Steering Wheel Buttons?

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We've had our '02 E320 wagon for a couple weeks now.

I noticed that the steering wheel push buttons are "sticky" - they stick to your finger, as if they're covered with syrup or something.

Afraid to damage the finish, I cleaned 'em (and the st wheel) with mild soap (Woolite)and warm water. They're still just as sticky - almost as if the finish itself is sticky. Maybe damaged with some idiot goo such as Armorall or something?

I'm anxious not to ruin them with solvent - any ideas?
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We had the same problem on our 00 E320 Wagon. I had to use Goof Off to get the adhesive residue off. I guess the clear plastic like coating deteriorated when the wheel was cleaned. So liberal use of goof off (Home Depot or Lowes - paint or cleaner section) and several applications should do it.
It wont remove the icons/lettering. Just completes removing that film that was covering them.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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