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Stick ignition key

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Lately my 1996 C220 is giving me trouble w/the ignition key not turning. I've been able to get it to turn, but, a couple of times I was about to call AAA. If I can get the key to get past the start of the turn, then no problem after. Anyone else have this issue? Car has 145k miles and it happens with both of my keys (one old, one new)
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I take it that this is the old style steel key and not a newer electonic SmartKey?

Don't want to get you in a panic but the tumbler in older W124 Mercedes were notorious for getting the key stuck in them. This was because of a poor design and the eventual wear and tear of use. The first warning was difficulty in turning the key. If your car had quite a few miles on it, you were strongly advised to beat it down to your local Mercedes dealer to get a new tumbler. I changed one in my old 1991 300CE at about 115m. Cost about $90 back in 2002. Not particularly hard to do, probably plenty of videos online. BUT if your key got stuck in the tumbler, you were in for a world of hurt. People would do anything to get the key back to the "0" position and pull it out. Otherwise, the only solution was drilling it out.
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Thanks for your reply. Do you know if the original keys will still work when you replace the tumbler? I have removed the tumbler and tried to file (from you tube!) without much improvement.
The tumbler will be specific to your keys so that all the locks will still be the same. IIRC a generic tumbler is available (cheaper) but then you'll have different keys for the car and ignition.
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