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Steering wheel wobbling

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Just purchased a new glc 300. I am having a intermittent steering wobble.
When I negotiate a bend n turn the steering left to follow the bend the steering wobbles n stops when I am going straight. It last a couple of seconds. No issue when I turn steering right. I have also felt vibrations when seating on the passenger side.Brought car to Westpoint n the service guy took the car for a ride n nothing happened. I experience this issue at least 2 or 3 times a week. Any advice on what to do considering this is intermittent.
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Experiencing an similar issue in a 2021 300e. The issue is only noticeable when I’m using active cruise/steering at speeds above ~ 70km/h, the car is turning to negotiate a bend and I’m holding the wheel. As soon as I let the wheel go, or let the car negotiate the turn itself, the wobble stops. I’ve got a service appointment booked in a few weeks and will post an update.
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