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Steering wheel sensitivity 2007 vs 2008, adjustable?

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Cheers all!

Steering wheel sensitivity 2007 vs 2008, my father owns 2008 e350 sport, rwd, mine is the same but 2007.

I drove my parents to their appointment out of town today, in their 2008. Steering wheel feel is completely different, their car is waaaay to sensitive and almost “twitchy” compare to my 2007. Almost feels over-assited.

Is there a way you to “tone down” or adjust this sensitivity of theirs a bit? Via user settings or via Star?

Paps also prefers my, less sensitive 2007 as well.

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Do you both have parametric (speed sensitive) steering option fitted?
Chack the condition of fluid in both cars, may be that other has dirty/old fluids...

Can't remember 100% sure but I have a dim memory that Vediamo could have had some factor to valve command (cannot remember whihc model was in discussion though, could be that older models does not have it)... and pretty sure DAS not have it, but on the other hand never checked development meny of steering module.
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